Chest Wall Resection


Chest wall Resection is performed for patients with malignant disease of the chest wall.  Based on the size of the tumor, the chest wall will be just resected or resected and reconstructed.  The reconstruction of the chest wall typically involves placement of Marlex mesh with methylmethacrylate.  Typically the operation is performed with a plastic surgeon to provide coverage of the chest wall defect.


Chest wall resection and reconstruction is a safe and effective treatment for chest wall malignancy.  The risks of the operation are bleeding and infection (such as pneumonia or wound infection of the surgical site) as well as injury to the intercostal nerve, lung and blood vessels. Other rare risks are deep vein thrombosis, atrial fibrillation, pulmonary emboli, heart attack and stroke.


After the operation, patients typically have a chest tube and a subcutaneous blake tube.  The chest tube is typically removed 1-4 days after the surgery and the blake tube is removed in about 1 week after the surgery.