Super Dimension Bronchoscopy Biopsy


Super Dimension Bronchoscopic Biopsy is a less invasive approach in obtaining a biopsy of a lung lesion.  This is performed in the operating room.  You will undergo general anesthesia and intubated with endobronchial tube.  A flexible bronchoscopy will be performed to visualize your airway with locatable guide which will allow to match your anatomy with the anatomy from a CT scan of the chest.  Next, we will perform electomagnetic navigation bronchoscopy using the extended working channel and or Edge high performace catheter to get to the lesion.  Once we get to the lesion, we will take an x-ray on the operating room table to confirm the location then we will perform multiple biopsy of the lesion.


Super Dimension Bronchoscopic Biopsy is a safe and effective procedure to biopsy most lung lesions.  The rare complications from the procedure are bleeding in the airway and pneumothorax.


The operation is a performed as an outpatient procedure.