VATS Diaphragm Plication


Video assisted thoracic surgery (VATS) diaphragm plication is a safe procedure for treatment of diaphragm eventration.  This operation is performed under general anesthesia with lung isolation.  A small incision is placed in the abdomen and a port is placed to visualize the structures below the diaphragm to prevent any injury to abdominal organ.  One 4-cm incision and two 1-cm incisions are made in the chest.  The diaphragm is identified and plicating using non-absorable sutures.  A chest tube is left at the end of the case.


VATS diaphragm plication is a safe and effective treatment of diaphragm eventration.  Most common complication is pneumonia.  Other complications are bleeding, injury to the lung and abdominal organs.  Rare complications are development of deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary emboli, heart attack and stroke.


The typical hospital stay is 2-5 days.  The chest tube will be removed when there is minimal fluid coming out from the tube.  Once the tube is removed and the patient’s pain is well controlled then patients are discharged home.