Dr. Min Kim received his undergraduate degree from Cornell University and his medical degree from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. During medical school, he received the Harold Lamport Research Award, the Paul Ehrlich Research Award and the Henry Strong Denison Scholarship for his research. He also received the prestigious Howard Hughes Fellowship to perform research at the National Institutes of Health, where he was presented with Recognition for Outstanding Research.

After completing medical school, Dr. Kim attended Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, a teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School, where he completed his general surgery residency. After his general surgery training, he received a thoracic surgery fellowship at The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center where he completed his training in cardiothoracic surgery.

Dr. Kim is currently Vice Chair of the Department of Surgery, Head of the Division of Thoracic Surgery and David M. Underwood Distinguished Professor of Surgery at Houston Methodist Hospital in Houston, Texas. He is an expert in robotic thoracic surgery and thoracic surgical oncology. In addition, he has been appointed an Professor of Surgery and Cardiothoracic Surgery at Weill Cornell Medical College, Full Member of the Houston Methodist Hospital Research Institute and Professor of Surgery at the Institute for Academic Medicine at Houston Methodist.

Dr. Kim’s clinical interests include treatment of benign and malignant diseases of the esophagus, lung, mediastinum, diaphragm and chest wall. He is an expert in the treatment of patients with lung cancer and esophageal cancer. He specializes in minimally invasive procedures, such as robot-assisted lobectomy, robot-assisted hiatal hernia repair, robot-assisted fundoplication, robot-assisted thymectomy and robot-assisted esophagectomy, to treat patients with disease of the thoracic cavity.